Things to Consider While Choosing Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

If you are looking for company or artisan to design and produce your needed jewelry, then you must be very careful and you have to keep more than one thing in mind while taking your decision. The following are a list of things you must keep in mind while choosing custom jewelry manufacturer.

You need to choose the manufacturer according to your jewelry’s need. You have to do detailed research in order to find out if the manufacturer has successfully supplied with multiples of designs of the same genre as yours. You might find references that have done jewelry projects with the manufacturer in the past. You can note down their views about it. It is needless to say that it is always a wise decision to choose a manufacturer who is more experienced with handling your kind of work rather than giving chance to a new one. The manufacturers with lots of experience will generally carry goodwill and concentrate largely on the quality of the product.

There are a number of manufacturing houses present in the market boasting about their resources like machinery and equipment. You need to find out for yourself if the manufacturer has skilled artisans and workforce so that your multiples get manufactured efficiently. You might also ask them if they can let you go inside their manufacturing unit and you can take that chance to check the present quality of their equipment and machinery. You might prefer the ones with newer and more advanced machinery and skilled workforce suitable for your product.

If you are planning to keep your design a secret even while getting it manufactured from a custom jewelry manufacturing house, you might go through their policies very carefully. You must do the needful to make sure that the privacy of your designs is maintained and they are not made available to other clients of the manufacturing house.

You might want to customize your original design and bring some little variations in your collection. For example: you might want to use different colored stones for the multiples of the same product. You might also have received pre-orders from your customers about their preferences and your original design might need a little modification to meet their demands. The common parameters of customization are as follows:
» MATERIAL: the same design maybe available in different materials like gold, silver, brass, bronze etc. you might also plan to manufacture different designs according to the material.
» PLATING: the plating gives different looks to your products. You must get to choose from shining silver, copper, 22-carat gold etc.
» STONE: it should be available in different sizes, shapes and colors. The manufacturer should be able to supply the items on the basis of your specification.
» LOGO: you might want the manufacturer to get you a custom logo or text according to the client’s need.
» SIZE: your designs must be available in different sizes so as to appeal to the mass.
» PACKING: the packing enhances the look of the product. So it is of utmost importance. The manufacture must be able to do customized packing as per the client’s need.

You might plan to launch your products in market at a stipulated time. You must make sure that the manufacturer manages to finish all its work and make your products market ready by that time.

Take a vivid account of the per-piece costs that will be incurred and get to know the additional costs. You must be having a budget; needless to say, you must choose the one which meets your budget and your needs.

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